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Cloud Security Engineering (Everything You Need to Know)

Cloud security engineering services can digitally transform your business and offer a solid foundation upon which to build a cloud-based operation. Migrating to the cloud is only half the battle. You must know how to maintain, secure, and optimize the cloud environment for success.

This is where cloud security engineering comes into play – by providing your organization with essential expertise to ensure that all systems are safe and compliant.

Cloud security engineering services typically encompass:

  • Designing and implementing enterprise security architecture
  • Implementing DevOps culture and organizational structure
  • Eliminating bottlenecks to increase speed-to-market
  • Auditing cloud-based systems for compliance
  • Providing ongoing risk assessment of cloud operations

You can think of a cloud security engineering service as simply an extension of your in-house engineering capabilities.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at what cloud security engineering services include and how you can adopt a DevOps culture to spearhead cloud security engineering best practices.

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Without wasting any time, let’s dive straight in.

What are cloud security engineering services?

By proactively addressing potential risks and creating an environment where your organization can make the most of its resources, cloud security engineering services provide a secure foundation for your business to operate on. This allows you to focus more attention on innovating and driving value in other areas rather than worrying about IT infrastructure and data.

At its best, cloud security engineering combines people, processes, and technology to position an organization for success in the cloud. The service involves carefully considered design, implementation and management of cloud security controls.

As cloud usage grows, organizations are increasingly turning to third-party providers for support with the complexities of designing and implementing the right security infrastructure in the cloud. A qualified team of experienced professionals can ensure you hit the ground running with your cloud operations, reducing the risk of costly errors and security incidents.

What are the core benefits of a cloud engineering service?

Increase your speed-to-market

If you currently feel constrained by manual processes, cloud engineering services can help automate and streamline your operations, allowing you to quickly deploy new applications and services without delay. The right cloud engineering service should free your workflows from bottlenecks and offer the practical expertise to help you accelerate your operations.

Tighten the feedback loops in your teams

When you are trying to move fast and iterate quickly, the last thing you need is for teams to work in silos. Cloud engineering services can help break down these barriers and bridge the gap between development and operations teams, allowing you to maximize collaboration and operate with intensity. This is what separates DevOps from traditional IT processes.

Automate deployments

With the click of a button, you can automate deployments through your development and production environments. This is ideal for organizations looking to quickly deploy and scale new applications without sacrificing security or quality of service. Cloud security engineering services will give you the necessary confidence to automate these deployments with DevSecOps.

Digitally transform your organization

Utilizing the right cloud engineering service can help you achieve digital transformation. A full-service offering should include all of the necessary components to build and maintain repeatable, secure processes in order to stay ahead of your competition.

What is DevOps culture?

DevOps is a set of principles and practices that emphasize collaboration between software development and IT operations teams. It seeks to shorten the development cycle, automate processes, and support continuous delivery. DevOps creates a culture of shared responsibility, where the development and operations teams are working together to deliver value.

If you are trying to deliver applications and services at high velocity, DevOps is critical for success. It requires a commitment to collaboration, communication, and integration between the software development and operations teams. This ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page and working together to deliver quality applications quickly.

How can you adopt DevOps best practices?

A cloud security engineering service can lay the groundwork for the adoption of DevOps culture and practices. This service will encourage the DevOps mindset across your workforce and introduce the organizational structure to ensure alignment. Once implemented, you are well-equipped to tackle immense projects and operate at a rapid pace.

What is a cross-functional delivery team?

A cross-functional delivery team is a core part of a cloud security engineering service. At Gamma Force, we create a cross-functional team that bridges the gap between in-house expertise and external services. Our team will help you reap the benefits of DevOps culture and adopt the necessary practices to scale with agility and assurance.

How can you get started with a cloud engineering service?

Gamma Force is ready to offer a cloud engineering service through expert strike teams. Whether you already have DevOps nailed down or you are yet to embrace this approach, our team has the experience and skills to help you succeed. We can empower you to take a unified approach to people, processes, and technology to deliver continuous customer value.

As part of the initial analysis of your situation, we will assess your current engineering capabilities and see whether you are successfully embracing DevOps culture and practices. Once we have taken the time to assess your situation, we will follow up with a strategy to build out your cloud capabilities and implement DevOps culture and practices across your workforce.

If you are ready to explore ways of increasing your speed-to-market and offering continuous value for customers, contact an executive now. Our team will be happy to discuss the best approach for your organization and prepare a detailed proposal.

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