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Speaking Events & Podcasts

Cybersecurity & technology
Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Speaking Events

Cybersecurity & Technology 

Future of Cybersecurity

GPSEC Columbus Tech Summit: An illuminating panel discussion, ‘Expert Predictions for 2024’, where seasoned experts delve into the future of cybersecurity. This dynamic discussion explores controversial key areas shaping the landscape in the coming year. Experts provide valuable predictions and actionable insights to help you navigate the complex cybersecurity terrain of 2024.

COIS MA01 SecOps Innovating Security in Innovative Organizations

InfoSec Summit Topics: ISSA, Infosec, Security, Hacking

Insights on innovating security practices in modern, technology-driven organizations, and the evolution of security from traditional controls to innovative approaches using automation tools. Learn how to implement effective security measures without slowing down your organization’s growth and innovation.

DevOps Has Always Been About Security

DevOpsDays Amsterdam: This presentation explores innovative processes and practices for evolving traditional security controls. With these techniques, you can securely enable the speed of change needed to disrupt in today’s market place while meeting compliance and audit requirements.

Automating Security in Building Software

Security B-Sides Columbus: Explore the critical role of automation in securing software development. This presentation covers the evolution of security practices, the challenges of traditional controls, and the benefits of integrating security into the DevOps pipeline. Learn practical tips for preventing vulnerabilities, utilizing continuous integration tools, and fostering a collaborative culture that enhances both security and productivity. Ideal for tech professionals and developers looking to build secure, reliable, and efficient software.

Automating Security in Building Software

ScaleTech: Learn how to integrate security automation into your software development process in this insightful talk. The speaker, with 15 years of tech experience, covers the benefits of DevOps practices, continuous integration, and automated security scanning. Discover strategies for preventing vulnerabilities, maintaining basic security practices, and fostering collaboration between development, operations, and security teams. Ideal for developers and security professionals aiming to build secure, reliable, and efficient software..

Feature Flags, Chaos Monkey, and DevOps

DevCoaches: We discuss ‘feature flags’ which is a technique to build an application with the idea that certain features of an application can be turned on or off if there’s a problem with it. We talk about Netflix’s Chaos Monkey and how it can help a company create a culture of resiliency, and how ‘serverless’ technologies are impacting the DevOps industry. 

COHAA The Path to Agility Conference

Evolving Past Penetration Tests by Embracing DevSecOps. We’ve been doing all the security things and yet we’re still repeating many of the same challenges, while going through the motions checking compliance boxes. Our organizations aren’t getting more secure and many of our tactics aren’t helping us learn anything new.

Embracing a culture of collaboration can help us build modern capabilities in our technology teams through DevSecOps and Purple Team Exercises, while empowering our colleagues and companies.


ISSA: Cloud Security – Locking Down the Unintended Exposure of Sensitive Data. In this session the panel will discuss why unintentional exposure of sensitive data is so rampant, and how the industry is responding.

We discussed ways security teams can: Gain Visibility into their multi cloud and hybrid environments. Best ways to leverage native CSP and Kubernetes security controls. Recommended uses of third-party cloud security controls.  Steps to continuously monitor and prevent unintended exposure of sensitive data.

Dark Rhiino Security

Consideration of Risks in Cybersecurity, The Best Defense. In this episode of Dark Rhino Security’s Security Confidential, Warner discusses the role of the CISO, using risk a guiding factor in build an effective information security program, threat hunting, innovation in cybersecurity, and much more.


Inside Digital Transformation 

In this episode, Gamma Force Founder and CEO, Warner Moore is speaking about how to effectively manage cyber risk when resources are limited. All organizations are resource-constrained when it comes to cyber. No one can afford to keep throwing money at such a massive problem.

Speaking Events

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Business Spotlight

FIND THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITIES YOUR INDUSTRY HAS FOR YOU. This session highlights the importance of building a strong company culture and offering employee-centric benefits to boost retention. It emphasizes that valuing your team is key to success. 

The Rooted Founder

Tech CEO Reveals Top Strategies for Building High-Performance Teams. Learn how to build trust, automate low-value tasks, and empower teams to focus on high-impact work. Discover the definition of success through continuous learning, mentorship, and prioritizing team member & client value. 

Breaking into Cybersecurity Leadership

Breaking into Cybersecurity Leadership it’s a conversation about what they did before, why did they pivot into cyber, what the process was they went through Breaking Into Cybersecurity, how they keep up, and advice/tips/tricks along the way. We focus on the skills and competencies associated with cybersecurity leadership and tips/tricks/advice from cybersecurity leaders.

Position Success Indicator: Identify Where You Fit

The interview explores how the Position Success Indicator assessment identifies “job DNA” based on occupational traits that help people determine their best role fit to support workforce transitions.

Attract Your Ideal Customers

Building a Scalable and Sustainable Business. Find out how to cut through the noise and attract your ideal customers. Highlighting that success isn’t just about closing deals but creating a sustainable and pleasant working environment, the talk focuses on understanding your market, knowing your strengths, and maintaining a clear vision. This approach is presented as essential for building a scalable and enduring business. 

C Suite and Sour

In this episode, Warner shares his insights on everything from managing development teams to AI, exploring the unique mindset required to be a leader in tech, where innovation is paramount.

What’s the problem?

Listen as Gamma Force CEO Warner Moore describes the common formula he uses to create cybersecurity practices within a business. “An asset that has a vulnerability and a threat has ABC amount of risk to manage.

The Future Lab

Columbus’s tech growth and future opportunities. The Future Lab is a podcast brought to you by OhioX – Ohio’s technology and innovation partnership. In this episode we talk with about Columbus’s tech growth, future opportunities for tech in Ohio, and the cybersecurity landscape. 


B2B Academy

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Business Growth. In this episode, Warner shares his expertise on implementing cybersecurity best practices to safeguard business data and systems against cyber threats. He emphasizes the importance of building a strong cybersecurity culture within an organization and how leadership plays a crucial role in driving this culture. Warner also discusses the challenges businesses face in implementing cybersecurity measures and offers practical solutions to overcome them. 

TechLife Columbus

TechLife Live — Leadership, Career and Community Executive presence? Strategy vs. execution? Emotional intelligence? Values and mission? These are all things we talk about but what do they really mean. We often throw around concepts in leadership but when we try to apply them, it seems intangible and is difficult or impossible to apply.

A fireside chat to explore true executive leadership and how you can grow in the final stages of your leadership journey.

TechLife Columbus

TechLife Live — Leadership, Career and Community. Warner Moore explores growing impact as a leader from an organization to community with his guests on our show “Community leadership.” From starting a career to sustaining an established career, those who are active in the community have more sustained success. The most successful executives have reach and make impact outside of the walls of their organization. Learn about the why the Ohio tech community is the best in the country and how it has impacted their career journey from our esteemed panelists.

BSides Columbus 

Columbus Startups – A Security Perspective. This panel features several information security decision makers at several Columbus area technology startups. Moderator Warner Moore dives deep with Brendan, Shawn, and Jesse to get their take on build vs. buy, how startups differ from corporate America, and more.

 Warner Moore

Founder &  CEO

Warner Moore is a strategic executive and leadership expert with a background in technology and security. He has focused his career in working with entrepreneurial growth organizations where technology is their business and product.

Moreover, Warner has a long-standing record in developing successful cybersecurity programs and high-performing teams that embrace DevOps culture and practices.  

After having built over seven security programs across numerous organizations at companies where technology is their business and product across industries such as FinTech, HealthTech/HealthCare IT, and InsureTech, Warner founded the cybersecurity strategy firm, Gamma Force. 

Through Gamma Force, Warner serves as a fractional CISO for numerous clients, and advises startups to scale their success through concept and startup growth phases.

As an international speaker, Warner has been invited to present to university students, technology professionals, and business leaders in a classroom setting as well as at conferences such as Startup Week, CloudDevelop, Path to Agility, InfoSec Summit, CodeMash, Security BSides, DevOpsDays, and Abstractions.

Reach out for speaking inquiries

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