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Hear directly from our clients about their experiences and the positive impact our services have had on their businesses. These testimonials showcase the real-world benefits of partnering with us, highlighting our dedication to excellence and the trust our clients place in our expertise.

Atropos Health

Atropos Health, a health tech startup incubated at Stanford University in 2020, faced a challenge common to many young companies: balancing rapid growth with robust cybersecurity. Atropos lacked a dedicated security team and the expertise to navigate the complexities of HIPAA compliance in a cloud environment. The company needed to quickly implement security measures without hindering product development and go-to-market strategy.

How we helped:

Gamma Force acted as a virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and security team, providing a comprehensive suite of services:

    • Security Leadership and Strategy: Gamma Force filled the critical role of CISO, guiding Atropos in developing a security strategy aligned with their business goals and HIPAA compliance.
    • Cloud and Security Engineering: Gamma Force’s experts assisted Atropos in migrating to a secure AWS environment, establishing secure network segmentation, and implementing best practices for cloud security.
    • HIPAA Compliance: Gamma Force ensured Atropos’ infrastructure met all HIPAA requirements, protecting sensitive patient data.
    • Ongoing Security Management: Gamma Force provided ongoing management of Atropos’ security program, ensuring continuous monitoring and improvement.
    • SOC 2 Compliance Support: Gamma Force assisted Atropos in achieving SOC 2 Type 1 compliance, demonstrating their commitment to secure data practices.
    • Implementation and Hands-on Support: Beyond providing guidance, Gamma Force actively assisted Atropos with tasks like configuring secure email systems and implementing security controls.
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MyWorkDoc is a growing telehealth application designed to facilitate immediate medical consultations for workplace injuries. As a smaller organization with limited internal resources, MyWorkDoc faced challenges in scaling their security measures to meet industry standards and customer expectations, especially when dealing with larger clients. Achieving and maintaining compliance with SOC 2 and HIPAA standards was critical to building trust and expanding their market reach.

How we helped:

Gamma Force was engaged to augment MyWorkDoc’s capabilities in several key areas:

    • Acting CISO: Gamma Force provided a part-time Chief Information Security Officer role to guide MyWorkDoc’s strategic security direction.
    • Security Program Management: They undertook the ongoing management of MyWorkDoc’s security program, ensuring that security practices were robust and up-to-date.
    • Policy Development: Gamma Force helped develop and implement comprehensive security policies tailored to MyWorkDoc’s specific needs, focusing on aspects like data protection, incident response, and breach notification.
    • Compliance Preparation and Audit Support: They prepared MyWorkDoc for compliance audits, interfacing with auditors to ensure that MyWorkDoc met SOC 2 and HIPAA standards without overwhelming their internal team.
    • Technical Expertise: Gamma Force brought in specialized knowledge in application development and infrastructure to bolster MyWorkDoc’s technical strategies for data management.


Volli was transitioning away from Verizon and needed to quickly onboard 1500 registering Adtran devices. This rapid migration overwhelmed their existing network infrastructure, specifically their ability to handle Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) traffic for voice calls. Traditionally, Volli relied on their carrier to handle RTP traffic, but the surge in devices necessitated a different approach.

How we helped:

Gamma Force provided a multi-faceted solution to address Volli’s challenges:

    • Expert Network Engineering: Gamma Force’s engineering team designed a scalable and redundant network architecture. They provisioned a third data center and implemented a system that spanned all three centers with RTP traffic. This ensured high availability and prevented a single point of failure.
    • Fractional Executive Support: In addition to the engineering expertise, Gamma Force offered fractional executive support. This service provided strategic guidance and ensured that the chosen technical solution aligned with Volli’s long-term business goals.
    • Knowledge Transfer: Gamma Force prioritized knowledge transfer throughout the project. They ensured Volli’s team understood the implemented solution and had the tools to manage it effectively, reducing future reliance on external support.
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In this video, Mike Berkman, CTO of ScriptDrop, discusses his experience working with Gamma Force. ScriptDrop, a health tech company, needed to fill the gap left by a departed security leader. Gamma Force provided a Fractional CISO and ongoing security program management to ScriptDrop.

How we helped:

    • Fractional Executive Services: Gamma Force assigned a Fractional CISO to ScriptDrop. This provided them with immediate access to an experienced security leader who could assess their security program and identify areas for improvement.
    • Security Program Management: Gamma Force didn’t just fill the gap, they helped ScriptDrop improve their overall security program. This included design, implementation, and ongoing management.
    • SOC 2 & HIPAA Compliance Support: Gamma Force assisted ScriptDrop with SOC 2 audits and HIPAA risk assessments, ensuring they met strict healthcare industry compliance standards.
    • Security Expertise and Guidance: Gamma Force acted as a trusted advisor, providing ongoing security expertise and guidance to ScriptDrop’s CTO. This included collaboration on complex security issues and navigating specific situations.

Enlace Health

Enlace Health, like many healthcare organizations, faces a complex security landscape. They needed to mature their security program, manage third-party vendor risk, and achieve HITRUST compliance to ensure the privacy and security of sensitive patient data.

How we helped:

Gamma Force Helps Enlace Health Enhance Security Posture and Achieve HITRUST Compliance:

    • Cybersecurity Strategy Guidance: Gamma Force worked with Enlace Health to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy aligned with their business goals and industry regulations. This strategy identified key security priorities and a roadmap for achieving them.
    • Third-Party Vendor Risk Management: Gamma Force assisted Enlace Health in establishing a robust third-party vendor risk management program. This program included vetting new vendors, assessing their security posture, and continuously monitoring their compliance.
    • HITRUST Audit Preparedness: Gamma Force helped Enlace Health prepare for a HITRUST audit, a rigorous assessment of an organization’s security controls and compliance with HIPAA regulations. This included gap analysis, remediation planning, and mock audits.
    • Security Program Maturity Assessment and Improvement: Gamma Force assessed the maturity of Enlace Health’s security program and identified areas for improvement. They then helped Enlace Health implement best practices and strengthen their overall security posture.
    • Risk Assessments: Gamma Force conducted various risk assessments for Enlace Health, including general risk assessments and assessments specific to new vendors. These assessments helped Enlace Health identify and prioritize potential security risks.
    • Incident Response: Gamma Force provided Enlace Health with incident response assistance, including helping them to respond to the Log4j vulnerability. This included testing potential fixes, patching systems, and red teaming the environment to ensure effectiveness.

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 Warner Moore

Founder &  CEO

Warner Moore is a strategic executive and leadership expert with a background in technology and security. He has focused his career in working with entrepreneurial growth organizations where technology is their business and product.

Moreover, Warner has a long-standing record in developing successful cybersecurity programs and high-performing teams that embrace DevOps culture and practices.  

After having built over seven security programs across numerous organizations at companies where technology is their business and product across industries such as FinTech, HealthTech/HealthCare IT, and InsureTech, Warner founded the cybersecurity strategy firm, Gamma Force. 

Through Gamma Force, Warner serves as a fractional CISO for numerous clients, and advises startups to scale their success through concept and startup growth phases.

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